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Language and culture
of the Badia Valley

The Badia Valley (which Alta Badia makes part of) is one of the five valleys of the Dolomites, united by the Ladin language and culture.

Ladin derives from the Latin language of the Roman troops, arrived to conquer the Dolomites in the 1st century AD, that the action of time has transformed, by mixing it with the dialects of the local tribes, into extraordinary forms, unique for every valley. Unlike its Latin ancestor, that is out of use for many centuries now, Ladin has been perfectly preserved in the isolated mountain areas and nowadays is still widely used, being the third official language of Alto Adige, together with Italian and German.

The Ladin culture is also a genuine formation, which roots get lost in the peasant past, fully depending on the severe mountain rhythms. The customs and traditions, preserved with utmost devotion, still reveal the deep respect and passion of the Ladins for the Alpine nature and for the mighty cliffs that have always protected this secluded land. The same feelings are conveyed by the great care of the Ladins for wood working and stone carving, by the motifs and ornaments of the precious artistic weaving and embroidery, and by the rich palette of traditional costumes that can still be admired in all their original beauty during festive processions.

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    Historical Vehicles - Hotel Rezia ***S
The owner of the Rezia Hotel, Werner Crazzolara, shares the passion for historic vehicles and it can be perceived right from the entrance – the elegant spirit of vintage cars in Rezia is in the air.
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Historical Vehicles - Hotel Rezia ***S Historical Vehicles - Hotel Rezia ***S


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